About us


Hi, I'm Bathsheva,     


Creator of Truffle Corner brand and the owner of Truffle Corner LLC.


Back in 2010, I was then living in London, One evening at a dinner party, I heard a story about truffles and right then I was fascinated and curios about truffles that I start learning everything I could about them. After long hours of research for about 6 long months, I created Truffle Corner.


For the past 7 years Truffle Corner products and fresh truffles are been sold over Europe and the USA, starting with only four products and grown to a all selection of truffle products.


At 2017 Truffle Corner as relocate and now based in Los Angeles, California.


We are manufacturing out truffle products at a high quality factory over Europe and now importing to our location in California and from here distributing over the USA. 


Truffle Corner products are made only from fresh and heights quality ingredients what makes out Luxury truffle products top quality.