About us

Hi, I'm Bathsheva                                                                                           
I am the creator of Truffle Corner brand and the owner of Truffle Corner LLC.
Back in 2010, I was then living in London, One evening at a dinner party I heard friends talking about truffles I was fascinated and got very curious. I start reading every article I could find online, made long resource about truffle then one day I decided to build a website for truffles. My first website (trufflecorner.co.uk) was made for fresh truffles only at first till I got to learn that truffle products will be a must addition. 
In 2012 after selling fresh truffle and truffle products for 2 years I created my own brand Truffle Corner with the finest truffle products made by some of the finest truffle factory in Europe. 
Today 2017 I made a big change to my truffle products line that I'm very proud of. It's been a long journey to get here, finally I made my first organic truffle oil, made with local California organic olive oil and natural truffle aroma from Italy. 
Plans for 2018, to make all Truffle Corner products organic.